About Me

My twitter bio says
"Cheerleader, nerd, marketing major, batman fanatic."
If that doesn't sum me up in 160 characters or less, nothing will.

Jacki Masson
If you haven't picked up on it already, my name is Jacki. I'm a Sophomore at the University of Denver in the Daniels School of Business for a major in Marketing. I'm minoring in Rhetoric and Professional Writing.

Currently, I'm an eMarketing intern at a B2B company where I've gained experience in email marketing, social media marketing, making web ads, and some of the analytics involved in online marketing.

Additionally, I enjoy working in Photoshop and I dabble in photography, painting, fiction writing, and pretty much anything else that wanders across my path and looks interesting. It's my goal to learn more HTML and Flash sometime this school year.

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