Wednesday, August 22, 2012

About Me

My twitter bio says
"Cheerleader, nerd, marketing major, batman fanatic."
If that doesn't sum me up in 160 characters or less, nothing will.

The Bat-tat.
I have a Batman tattoo. I regret nothing.

I've never really had a blog before, and I have to say, I'm kind of excited about it. And, because becoming a blogging sensation overnight seems grotesquely optimistic, I look forward to the two of you out there reading this. 
I read somewhere that blogs should have a purpose, something focused on one particular subject, same as tweeting about only one or two subjects so you will increase your Klout score. It would so happen, however, that I don't really care all that much, and I will probably have the rest of my life to write about one particular focused thing. 
So, here's the plan. I'm going to write what comes to mind. Hopefully they are helpful tips or funny stories or cool things I've discovered that I think someone somewhere would be better off knowing. Probably tips that I think of for other marketing interns, because I think of a lot of those while I'm working. That being said, this could devolve quickly into random thoughts, ideas, and glimpses into my mind, which is probably more similar to the average 19-year-old girl's than I would care to admit.

Here's a bit about me. With a couple pictures, because while I'm not on total agreement that a picture is worth 1000 words, I'm kinda a visual person. And I like pictures.

Twitter Reminder
I don't have any pictures of me at work. Just pictures of sticky notes that I write for myself. That might say something about how I work, but I'm not entirely sure what.

This particular one is because I do some of the social media for my internship, and I have this bad habit of getting an email from Twitter telling me that someone new is following me and being in a different twitter account when I thank them. Then I have to quickly delete that post, log out, log in, and then thank them in an account they're actually following.

Me and Vader
Me n' Vader.

Oh look! A picture of me and my favorite dark lord. He's more fun than Darkseid and Voldy in a room full of kittens!

On a side note, whoever thinks Walmart is pure evil doesn't fully appreciate the fact that they sell Darth Vader plushies. They had a Mario one too. I'm just saying.

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